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16.2 Transition Installation

I am sure you are aware that Davinci Resolve 16.2 has a new feature, the fusion transition panel on the edit page. This is a game-changer as you can now just drag and drop transitions directly onto the edit point between 2 clips. A caveat, of course, those clips need to have “handles” a portion of each clip to actually work on.


To install the 16.2 Transition pack from our store couldn’t be easier, on windows we include an installer, which will install the files in the correct folder. Once you have run the installer just restart Davinci Resolve 16.2 and you will see them in the Effects Library > Video Transitions > Fusion Transitions.

You can install them manually if you wish and Mac users, unfortunately, do not have an installer.

  • Unzip the folder and move the .settings file
  • Windows place the files in C:\Program Files\Blackmagic Design\DaVinci Resolve\Fusion\Templates\Edit\Transitions
  • Macintosh HD>Library>Application Support>Blackmagic Design>Davinci Resolve>Fusion>Templates>Edit>Transitions

Then restart Davinci Resolve 16.2


The transitions function the same way as the built-in Davinci Resolve transition. Select your transition and drag it over the cut, select the transition to see controls in the inspector.

The transitions are responsive and can be extended using the inspector > Resolve tab. Some of the transitions have extra controls in the inspector > fusion tab. Controls which work with expressions can not be shown in the inspector as this would break the transition.

Please note the Perspective Transitions have a minimum length of 3 seconds, any shorter and the keyframes become squashed and the effect looks choppy.


You can customise and save your settings for future use. Adjust the transition length and parameters to suit your need. Then right-click on the transition and select “Create Transition Preset” and name the transition. This will create a “User” panel above the fusion transition panel with your custom transition.

Wait there’s more goodness!

Transitions which have extra controls in the inspector panel can have 6 versions. This means you have 6 different versions of the transition, tweak a parameter to your liking and then select the next version number, make another tweak and so on.