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Davinci Resolve Training Video Index

There are hundreds if not thousands of videos about Davinci Resolve and Fusion but finding the exact one you need at the exact time is never easy. Until now, below I have started a tutorial index with links to the video or section of the video. Remember that links sometimes break, so if you get an error, let me know.

DaVinci Resolve 17 Training Has Arrived

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The First Official (sort of) Tutorial for Davinci Resolve 17

Virtual Choir Tutorial In DaVinci Resolve 17

Credit Roll Tutorial in DaVinci Resolve 17

DaVinci Resolve 15 & 16

Introduction to Editing
00:22 Create new project and import media
01:19 Navigate interface
02:28 Organise media pool
03:14 Add media to timeline
13:10 Insert and overwrite edits
16:35 Trim media
22:13 Add transitions
25:56 Refine audio levels
32:45 Retime media
35:51 Animate with keyframes and apply FX
42:04 Create custom titles

Managing Media
0:38 Navigating the Interface
2:33 Importing Media and Creating Bins
4:18 View Options: Thumbnail or List View
5:35 Renaming Clips and Setting Poster Frames
7:57 Manually Syncing Footage
9:57 AutoSync
12:44 Metadata Panel
13:33 Tagging Clips with Metadata
14:55 Creating and Using Smart Bins
16:46 Using Metadata to Batch Rename Clips

Color Grading
00:14 Color page interface and navigation
06:13 Understanding scopes
08:29 Primary grade with color wheels
29:24 Balance and create look with curves
43:31 Organise stills in gallery
46:43 Match clips for continuity
58:42 Use flags to filter media
01:02:40 Secondary grading with windows
01:14:07 Keying with qualifier
01:28:28 Node anatomy and node editor workflows
01:43:16 Apply ResolveFX
01:50:00 Copy grades across clips
01:52:53 Export and import stills

DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel
00:09 Adjust luminance using rings
01:17 Color correct and grade with trackballs
02:51 Navigate timeline
04:30 Trackball keys
10:37 Use adjustment controls
14:41 Switch between palettes 
16:46 Create looks with curves
23:03 Apply window and perform tracking
27:43 Secondary selection with qualifier

Fusion VFX and Graphics
00:32 Interface 
04:25 Understanding Nodes 
06:15 Organizing Nodes 
07:02 Adding Nodes
10:27 Accessing Clips Inside Fusion Page 
12:00 Importing Media from Media Pool 
12:38 Understanding the Merge Node 
14:04 Merge Node Inputs 
14:56 Compositing with the Merge Node 
15:44 Adjusting Image Scale and Position 
16:25 Using the Inspector 
18:03 How Nodes Affect Each Other 
19:15 Effects Mask 
20:45 Building a Title 
21:27 Text Node
24:40 Stylizing Text 
26:58 Animating with Keyframes 
30:30 Adjusting Keyframes with Keyframe Editor and Spline Editors 
34:04 Intro to Tracking 
36:00 Using Composite Modes 
37:40 2D Tracker Node 
39:56 Compositing with the Tracker Node 
41:00 Creating a Travel Matte 
43:58 Intro to Green Screen Compositing 
44:16 Using Select Tool Shortcut 
46:25 Swapping Merge Node Inputs 
47:32 Renaming Nodes 
48:10 Organizing the Node Editor 
49:26 Group Nodes 
50:20 Underlay Nodes

Fusion VFX in 3D
00:49 Generating 3D text
02:13 Customising 3D materials
10:15 Animating with a follower modifier
13:18 Controlling a 3D camera
18:24 Creating 3D particle systems
26:23 Adding 2D effects to 3D graphics
31:09 Designing atmospheric elements
40:59 Branching 3D shapes and repurposing camera data

Fairlight Audio Production Part 1
0:00 IIntroduction: Developing a Soundtrack
0:25 Getting to know the Interface of DaVinci Resolve Fairlight
3:22 Evaluating the edited scene
5:47 Extending an audio clip
6:21 Zoom controls
8:28 Viewing the scene on the Edit page
9:20 Balancing volume levels 
11:15 Using the Inspector / Using meters as a guide 
14:00 Working with fade handles and volume keyframes
20:00 Customizing the interface 
21:17 Working with Timeline Markers
21:25 Using the Markers Index 
23:00 Creating a Marker
24:30 Previewing audio clips in the Media Pool
26:35 Editing audio clips to the timeline 
27:05 Naming, coloring and moving a track
30:05 Creating a new track
32:32 Using video and audio scrollers in the timeline
35:00 Working with Dialogue 
37:00 Recording Voiceover
38:40 Disable /Enable Clips
39:38 Recording / patching tracks
41:50 Using titles as a script prompt 
45:30 Working in Track Layers
47:40 Moving and splitting clips in track layers
48:49 Using the Range selection tool 
49:54 Moving layered audio clips in the timeline
51:44 Dialogue Editing
54:16 Moving clips to different tracks
55:40 Cut and paste clips to new tracks
57:48 Previewing the finished checkerboard edit 
59:10 Scrolling the timeline in fixed playhead mode 
1:00:00 Repairing dialogue clips 
1:00:29 Using the FairlightFX De-Hummer plugin
1:02:22 Looped playback 
1:04:37 Cache audio effects in the timeline
1:05:53 Replace dialogue with another take from the Media Pool

Fairlight Audio Production Part 2
0:00 Introduction
0:34 Balancing clip levels 
6:20 Adding keyframes to change levels within a clip
7:00 Listen /Play again shortcut 
8:25 Loop Playback
14:28 Normalize audio levels
16:20 Normalize multiple clips Relative / Independent 
17:14 Reducing sibilance with the De-esser plugin
19:05 Exploring clip EQ and sweeping a bell curve
21:15 Applying De-Esser Plugin
24:00 Working with track Dynamics 
25:45 Using the Compressor 
32:37 Applying track EQ 
34:30 Using the Chorus FairlightFX Plugin
37:00 Sound Design - Create a heart monitor sound effect
38:46 Create a new timeline for the effect 
39:16 Create a stereo track
39:36 Working with the Test Tone Settings (oscillator) 
40:20 Patch the system test tones for recording
42:40 Pink noise levels in the track and loudness meters 
47:10 Changing pitch
47:50 Bouncing the finished effect as a new clip
51:55 Mixing like tracks into stems 
53:30 Creating new submix buses and mains 
55:35 Assigning tracks to buses
58:05 Patching buses and mains in the Mixer
58:58 Bouncing Mix to Track to create stems
1:00:55 Finishing
1:02:29 Track panning
1:02:57 Link Group / Tracks
1:05:45 Deliver Page /Output settings

Delivering Content
00:08 Deliver page navigation
04:18 Preset categories
07:17 Set up YouTube render
12:28 Create dailies
15:27 Apply data burn-in
20:55 Additional job setup controls

Mary Plummer
What's New in DaVinci Resolve 16

The Cut Page
Fast Turn Around Projects
The Cut Page
The Cut Page Timelines
Moving Clips Around
Media Pool Views
Buzz Through Your Footage
Fast Review
Film Strip Mode Marking
Scratch Trimmer
Smart Tools
Move Between Timelines
Hiding Jump Cuts?
Dynamic Zoom
Quick Export
Portrait Mode
Editors Keyboard

The Big Stuff

Jason Druss - DaVinci Resolve 16 Deep Dive
Small Things Big Difference 
Super Scaling
Neural Engine
Stabilization on the edit page
Multiple FPS in the same project
Quick Export Tool
Frame I.O
Optical Flow
Speed Warp
Timeline Grades
Adjustment Clips
Keyframing OFX

What’s New

Color Page
Curve Tool
Auto Color
Shot Match to this Clip
New OFX Tools
Chromatic Adaptation
Analog Damage
Object Removal
Copy & Paste Attributes

More Davinci Resolve 16 from Blackmagic
00:15 – Difference between Edit and Cut pages
03:10 – Cut page smart edit features
06:23 – Cut page source tape mode
09:15 – Edit page custom timeline settings
09:38 – DaVinci Neural Engine and facial recognition
11:58 – Edit page shot stabilization
12:43 – Native integration
13:53 – Fusion page GPU accelerated tools
14:23 – Color page DaVinci Neural Engine color and shot match
14:42 – Color page curves with histogram overlay
14:55 – Color page paste attributes
15:58 – Color page Resolve FX and neural engine
19:18 – Fairlight page new loudness and metering tools
20:05 – Fairlight page ProTools session import
21:59 – Fairlight page new Fairlight FX plugins
23:55 – Fairlight page free foley sound library

The best (Unpublicized) features in Davinci Resolve 16
01 | Switch off Navigation
02 | Project Notes
03 | Different Timeline Settings
04 | Non Rectified Waveforms
05 | Color Page | Options
06 | Lightbox | Clipsize
07 | Scrubbing with Shift-Left or Right Arrow
08 | Customizable Timeline Looping Range
09 | LUT
10 | Gang Viewer Zoom to Video Output
11 | Scopes
12 | Curves
13 | Chromatic Aberration Plugin
14 | Invert Colors
15 | B-Chain Control | Fairlight
16 | Deliver | Audio | All Timeline Tracks
17 | Disable Update During render