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Finding Tutorials!

Spending hours searching the internet for Davinci Resolve tutorials can take a little time and when you find the right channels another one comes along. In this article, I am going to list the tutorials I use and where you can find them. When I learned to code someone told me that if you can’t sit for an hour and watch a tutorial you should question if coding is for you. I tend to agree and would say the same for editing and colour grading.

This will most likely be in alphabetical order as this article isn’t your usual top ten.

YouTube Channels

A Blackbird Called Sue

The “A Blackbird Called Sue” channel is focused on delivering in-depth Blackmagic Fusion tutorials. All tutorials are based on the free version!

Aram K

Everything about Film and Photography, VLOG, Gear Reviews, Color Grading Tutorials, Behind the Scenes, Breakdowns, Cinematography and more other cool stuff !

Begin Coding (only 1 Davinci Video but it’s an important one)

This channel is about academics, sports and life events. The purpose is to make people happy.

Blackmagic Design

Welcome to the Blackmagic Design YouTube channel! Our channel features informative and exciting videos about Blackmagic Design products and how to use them, along with customer testimonials and behind the scenes videos that show them in action on real-world productions!


I see a lot of people wanting to edit to the beat! Well learn a little C# and it’s easy as π

This channel consists of mainly C# intermediate programming videos. Some are app demos and I try to make sure you learn at least one thing from them. I do upload things that are not programming related. Please contact me through my email as this channel is now inactive.

Casey Faris

My name is Casey Faris.  I’m a pretty hardcore video nerd.  I like doing tutorials about colour correction, editing, and other things related to post-production.  Enjoy!

CB Super

Hey guys, CB Super here,  I’m a freelance VFX artist and computer animator. I make videos on how to use free programs like DaVinci Resolve and Blender to create fun visual effects. If you’re interested in learning about DaVinci or Blender,  you’re in the right place! Hit the subscribe button below to join the community of other VFX artists!

Chetal Gazdar

I consider myself a VFX Generalist who believe in research and development. I work mainly in Tracking (PFTrack, 3D Equalizer), Compositing (After Effects, Nuke, Fusion) and Rendering (Maya) but I’m capable to adapt to any software.

Chris’ Tutorials

Quick computer tutorials based to help users with using various software.

Color Grading Central

Learn how to do colour grading in Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve and Final Cut Pro X including how to use LUTs.

Con- Fusion

Learn Blackmagic Fusion. They really don’t need to say any more than those 3 words.

David Power

Have you ever needed to add zoom, spotlight, or an arrow, circle, or underline to highlight your video? In this tutorial, you’ll discover three techniques for giving your videos that super-profesh look.


Hi, I’m Gary. I’ve created close to 100 courses from graphic design to advanced frontend development. I’ve worked with Envato Network’s,,, LinkedIn Learning &

Duke Denver Film

Duke Denver Film is a small production company in Aarhus, Denmark and this is our youtube channel.

Ehsan Majd

I’m a professional photographer and videographer and I will share my experiences and tips on this channel. please subscribe to see more videos every day.


The original creators of fusion, so it all starts here.

FilmMaker Central

This channel is for aspiring filmmakers, editors, colourists, and more. Check out videos on video editing, visual effects, lighting, audio, and more.

Film Riot

Film Riot is a how-to trip through filmmaking from the hyper-active minds of the Connolly Brothers. From how to make great effects to following us through production, Film Riot explores the art of filmmaking in a way you’ve never seen

Film Simplified

This DaVinci Resolve Course, will get you color grading like a pro, in No Time.


Privater Kanal zum Thema Design, Videobearbeitung, Videoeffekte, Color Grading, Davinci Resolve, Adobe Photoshop

Igor Riđanović

This channel features professional post-production tutorials by Igor Ridanovic. The Avid DS tutorials were consolidated here from Tips and Tutorials section at Avid’s website and Avid’s Vimeo channel. Many of the videos are offered in high quality for the first time.

Izak Jackson

I’m a documentary filmmaker with a passion for photography

Jan Klaeui (more about filming techniques)

I teach you stuff about GoPros on a beginner, intermediate and professional level. I try to film all the tutorials at interesting places all around the world instead of in front of my computer!  So you do not only learn something new, but you also see some beautiful locations.

Jamie Fenn

Film, photography, music, creative direction and tutorials || Find me on Instagram at

Jason Yadlovski

Photography and Video Tips, Technical Advice, Lightroom, Photoshop, DaVinci Resolve and more is what you can expect to find here.  Browse through my videos, SUBSCRIBE and let’s learn together!

Jay Lippman

I’m a freelance video editor, working primarily in Davinci Resolve. On this channel, you will find many Davinci Resolve tutorials, as well as videos on filmmaking techniques, camera gear, pre-production, and my personal favourites, audio editing and sound design.


Jayare is a go-to for anything Davinci Resolve Editing. He also doesn’t have a description on his channel.

Juan Melara

In-depth colour grading techniques you won’t find on other channels.

Learn Color Grading

Free Resolve 16 crash course! Learn the basics of each and every tab/page in Resolve (Media, Cut, Edit, Fusion, Color Fairlight & Deliver).

Learn Now FX

Action Packed Davinci Resolve Video Tutorials for Visual Effects and Motion Graphics, Brought to you by David Kohen.


Lowepost helps you stay on top of your game
Choose one of the software categories below to browse our top online courses

Matti Haapoja

This channel is all about the filmmaking process!  I hope you leave inspired to create and travel but even more, I hope you learn something.  Learn, Make, Repeat!


Miesner Media is a Nashville based digital content production company built for flexibility. We specialize in creating unique customized content specific to our client’s needs and ultimate vision. We take care of the whole production process from pre-production to shooting, lighting and recording audio, to all aspects of post-production (editing, visual effects, graphics, audio mixing, colour timing, etc…) Our vast collection of unique and skill-sets allows for creativity to be priority one in your production because in a world of multimedia bombardment, all that matters is great content.

Mixing Light

There’s tons of free content trying to help you use DaVinci Resolve. But the internet is hit-or-miss. And there are way too many misses, with no one you can hold accountable.


Here you’ll find free high-quality Hitfilm Templates and Tutorials.

MrAlexTech (Genius)

Nerd channel! Photography, Videography, General tech, Davinci Resolve, Shadow Tech pc plus more!


Our Mission is Simple: To Help You Make Better Video. We offer hundreds of free training and technique videos as well as free and inexpensive tools for anyone who wants to make better videos.


EDIT, GRADE & DELIVER YOUR PROJECT. DaVinci Resolve is a complete editing and finishing studio with deep capabilities. Our tutorials will guide you into creative success.

Shutterstock Tutorials

This channel is dedicated to providing tips, tricks, and tutorials for all types of creatives. From filmmaking and lighting to photography and graphic design – our goal is to learn together while helping you meet your deadlines.

Simon Holman Tech

This channel is dedicated to tech tutorials centred around web technologies, video creating, and photography.

Simon Ubsdell

Motion graphics and visual effects tutorials and demos – including some really in-depth tutorials for Motion 5, and now also for Blackmagic Fusion.

Skyline Motions

My name is Vikash K and I am a Visual Effects, Motion Graphics Designer and Welcome to my youtube channel Skyline Motions. Here You will Get Motion Graphics, Visual Effects tutorial every week using After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro.


SUALVI we are having fun making videos that you can learn from. Focusing mainly on Davinci Resolve tutorials, Davinci Fusion, and other things that we can do with Davinci.
We hope that we can share what we have learned and that you are able to find cool ideas to aid you in your creative journey.

Tech VideoStack

The main focus will be to provide with useful tips and tutorials on any technology or technology-related topic. It will also provide tutorials on programming (PHP using Visual Studio Code, Java using Android Studio), video editing, software installation, hardware reviews, short and quick video tutorials on how to achieve a simple result using certain software and much more.

Technology Connections

No description but some very good content. Especially if you are attempting to convert VHS etc to digital.


No description but an awesome channel.

That Modern Dude

Technology and gadget videos that make our lives ‘modern’. Whether that is the latest Mobile phone or some quirky device designed to make a tedious task just that little bit easier.

Tony Gallardo

Tomiga loves all things (post) production and has been learning his craft since the late nineties. This channel is an effort to share his tactics, findings and strategies in our modern media creation world. 

VFXstudy (Checkout the 5hr free course)

VFX related tutorials and videos, mostly around compositing with Blackmagic Fusion.

William Justice

On this channel I am going to cover all topics related to learning filmmaking. My goal is to come up with unique ideas and learn how to make them happen. This includes learning video equipment, story creation, video editing with Davinci Resolve and whatever it takes to create compelling content.

Xiroca Video

Canal de Xiroca. En este canal trataremos temas relacionados con el vídeo.

Phew! There are a lot of good tutorials on YouTube I need a cup of tea now so we shall continue the tutorial route soon Go Create!