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Titles in the Cut Page v16.2.*

You’ll be pleased to know that you can use our assets in the cut page. As you may know, Davinci Resolve Cut Page has access to all the feature of the Edit Page and more.

We provide a Windows (os) installer for all our Titles and Lower 3rds this makes the whole process easy. Davinci Resolve will need to be restarted after the installation for you to be able to see the titles under the Title menu option.

Davinci Resolve Cut Page Title menu option.
Cut Page Title Menu Option (click image to enlarge)

You will see the newly installed Titles & Lower 3rds in the FusionTitles section. Don’t worry, no need to use fusion with these titles we give you plenty of controls to play with. The majority of our titles and lower 3rds are responsive too!

Davinci Resolve Cut Page Fusion Title Panel
Cut Page Fusion Titles Panel (click image to enlarge)

You can click on the star to highlight your favourites or right click on the title and select “add to favourites“. Favourites will show in the favourites panel on the edit page.

Drag & Drop a title or lower 3rd to any timeline, You may not see the title in your viewer as most titles and lower 3rds have an entry and exit animation. To make the title easier to edit move the playhead to the centre of the title to see all the title.

Davinci Resolve Cut Page drag & drop titles
Blank Title (click image to enlarge)

Drag the title to the timeline.

Davinci Resolve Cut Page Title in view
Title Visible (click image to enlarge)

Move the playhead to the centre of the title.

Editing titles and lower 3rds is easy, select the tools option situated below the viewer. Then select the “T” and “Open Inspector” you’ll now be presented with our popup controls panel.

Cut Page Title Control Panel (click image to enlarge)

You can now use the drop-down menus to customise your title. Each title and lower 3rd will have various options. See the list below for the basics.

Text Controls

  • Text
  • Font
  • Font attributes
  • Font Colour
  • Font Size
  • Font Tracking
  • Advanced Menu
  • Clip Colour
  • Version Control
Davinci Resolve Cut Page Advanced Controls
Text Advanced Menu (click image to enlarge)

Davinci Resolve uses your system fonts and therefore your chosen font must be installed.

Background Controls

  • Full-Colour Type
  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Four Corner
  • Gradient
  • Colour Picker
  • Colour HSV
  • Colour RGBA
  • Version Control
Full Access to Colour Palette

We also add custom controls to supercharge the tile or lower 3rd. This gives you the ability to create your own custom asset.

Custom Controls

  • Size
  • Rotation
  • Corner Radius
  • Custom Options
  • Version Control
Davinci Resolve Cusom Controls

Responsive Titles

Changing the duration of the title? The entry and exit animation will still work. (There is a minimum length, usually 1 second) Full-length animations will repeat as you extend the asset.

Advanced LUA Script Accessible

We give you the ability to see under the hood of each asset by providing an open version of the LUA Script file. A great way to learn how a macro script works and learn how to change parameters and add functionality without opening Davinci Resolve.